Life is hard.
Don't do it alone.

Welcome to Webbs, a community of purpose & hope.

What Webbs Means to Me

Don’t take our word for it – here’s the chatter from our community:

Webbs Chapel means family, friends, fellowship, and a whole lot of fun! We laugh together, cry together, and pick each other up in time of need. We support one another and the community in all we do. We are the little church with a big heart!


Lifelong member & volunteer committed to raising kids & teenagers in the Webbs Community

As a visitor, I found the Webbs Chapel community to be open and welcoming to us every time we walk through the doors. We have enjoyed every children & family event we have attended. Webbs Chapel has always been caring & generous with their love and acceptance of my family.


Educator, Hiker, and Webbs Chapel regular visitor

To me, Webbs means family. When you walk through the doors you can feel the love. Whether it is a hug, a handshake, or a simple smile, you know people are truly glad you are there!


Organizing & couponing extraordinaire AND Webbs Kids & Youth volunteer!


At Webbs Chapel, you will find a place where you belong. We can’t wait for you to join us!

There is always something happening at Webbs!
Senior adult game days, youth fellowship fun & missions, kids events, adult learning communities, churchwide fish fries – there is something for everyone!


We believe the people are the heart of the church.
Each and every person’s presence makes us more complete.


When we gather together we can better experience the love and grace of Jesus Christ and the friendship of one another.


We are a community of believers on a journey together as we strive daily to become more like Jesus.

Our Staff

We may have a small staff, but that’s because we have a powerful force of volunteers at our backs! At Webbs Chapel, we believe the people are the heart of the church!

Rev. John Yeager


Aimee Yeager

Minister of Youth & Community Outreach